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License to Operate
License to Operate

License to Operate – the critically-acclaimed documentary following former Los Angeles gang members as they work to clean up the streets they once controlled will make its television debut on VICELAND on January 20 at 10:00 PM EST/PST.

The documentary, created by Omelet, an LA-based creative agency and directed by James Lipetzky, first debuted at the 2015 Seattle International Film Festival.

As if spun from recent headlines on the growing tension between many citizens and law enforcement across the country, “License to Operate” is a film truly of its time. Filmed on the streets of Los Angeles’ most violent neighborhoods, the documentary features former L.A. gang members – hailing from some of the nation’s most feared and violent gangs including Bloods, Crips, and Florencia 13 – working to clean up the streets they once controlled.

Now professionally trained community interventionists, these men and women are defying their pasts and have found a respectful and professional coexistence with local law enforcement. This allows them to provide real, hands-on expertise in situations where officers can’t arrive fast enough, or more likely, where they don’t have the community respect needed to get the right answers to truly assist the residents that they serve. Due in significant part to the interventionists’ combined efforts with law enforcement, violent crimes in the areas they work in have dropped to a 20-year low.

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