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Loving Pia
Loving Pia

Loving Pia, Daniel Borgman’s second feature film, about an intellectually disabled woman who finds love, will World Premiere in the Forum, the section for experimental work at the 2017 Berlin International Film Festival.

The film, is based on the life of – and starring – a real woman, Pia Skovgaard, who is intellectually disabled. Pia is 60 years old and she lives in rural Denmark in the care of her mother Guittou, 84. Guittou is getting old, and Pia worries about what will happen when her mother dies. She is afraid of being left alone. Although Pia has never had a boyfriend, she thinks that she needs to find a man to love in order to survive. When Pia meets Jens, she embarks on a quiet and simple relationship with him, not realising that in the meantime it is her mother who is left alone.

The film is shot in the home of Pia and her mother, Guittou Skovgaard, with no changes made to the décor nor any artificial lighting.

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