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Fun Mom Dinner
Bridget Everett, Molly Shannon, Katie Aselton and Toni Collette appear in Fun Mom Dinner by Alethea Jones, an official selection of the Premieres program at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. Courtesy of Sundance Institute | photo by Robb Rosenfeld.

The ensemble comedy Fun Mom Dinner has been acquired for release by Netflix and Momentum Pictures just days before the World Premiere at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival.

Fun Mom Dinner is the feature film directing debut of Alethea Jones and stars Toni Collette, Molly Shannon, Adam Scott, and Adam Levine.

At some point, Emily stopped being “Emily”—high-powered lawyer, strong woman, sexual being—and became, simply, “Mom.” It’s like, her kids and husband are great, but there’s got to be more to life than diapers, playdates, and fingerpaint, right? RIGHT?!?

When some of the other moms at school propose a Chardonnay-soaked night out, Emily is IN. She even drags her reluctant friend Kate along for the ride. But what starts as gossip and tapas quickly turns into a night that these ladies will never forget (even though they’re all super duper high).

Deftly infusing zany hijinks with real feeling, director Alethea Jones and writer Julie Rudd deliver a riotous comedy that spares no rods and spoils no children. The titular moms (Katie Aselton, Toni Collette, Molly Shannon, and Bridget Everett) make a truly formidable ensemble, dispensing dick jokes and tearful revelations with equal aplomb. Together, they prove that “mom” is more than a dirty word—it’s a badge of honor.

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