HAPPY HUNTING directors Louie Gibson and Joe Dietsch
HAPPY HUNTING directors Louie Gibson and Joe Dietsch

HAPPY HUNTING won the prize for Best Film, and VORE KING the prize for Best Documentary at the inaugural MidWest WeirdFest which wrapped this past Sunday, at the Micon Downtown Cinema in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Louie Gibson, who co-wrote and co-directed HAPPY HUNTING with Joe Dietsch, said: “It’s an honor to be awarded “Best Film” at the inaugural Midwest WeirdFest. Can’t wait for next year. Stay Weird!”

“It was an honor just to play alongside so many innovative and inspiring films. This recognition is truly humbling and really means a lot to everyone involved with VORE KING, particularly because no other festivals in Wisconsin had the guts to program the film”, said Daniel Schneidkraut, director of VORE KING the winner of the festival’s “Best Documentary” award.  “We are eternally grateful to Midwest WeirdFest for their guts, and to the attendees/filmmakers for their testicular/ovicular fortitude! Long live The King of Vore Raymond P. Whalen!”

Winners of 2017 MidWest WeirdFest


Best Film: HAPPY HUNTING. (Dir: Joe Dietsch & Louie Gibson)


Best Documentary: VORE KING (Dir: Daniel Schneidkraut)

Best Short Film: GWILLIAM (Dir: Brian Lonano)

Best Animation: IT GROWS DARK (Dir. Benjamin Capps)

Best Web or TV Content: HOOKED (Dir: Luca Vecchi)

Best Music Video: MY ETERNITY – CHRYSALIS (Dir: Jonathan Martin)

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