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All These Sleepless Nights (Wszystkie nieprzespane noce)
All These Sleepless Nights (Wszystkie nieprzespane noce)

ALL THESE SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, Polish filmmaker Michal Marczak’s boundary-pushing portrait of youthful adventure will open theatrically on Friday, April 7 at New York’s IFC Center as well as in theaters in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The film won the award for Best Director in the World Cinema Documentary competition at 2016 Sundance Film Festival.

Rising young director Michal Marczak defies the fly-on-the-wall traditions of observational cinema by carefully “casting” his subjects and embedding himself in their lives. Here, he invites us into the world of Kris, an awkward 24-year-old who, after breaking up with his longtime girlfriend, is suddenly filled with a boundless sense of possibility. With his suave friend Michal leading the way, Kris embarks upon a nightly walkabout, experiencing Warsaw’s subway tunnels and manors, raves and house parties, beaches and industrial wastelands. As the two smoke, drink and dance with abandon, big ideas are as palpable as the romance and sex in the air. The arrival of the beautiful Eva opens Kris up to an even more intense and high-stakes emotional and physical adventure. Marczak captures each crystalline moment as Kris and Michal push each experience to the limit, adrift in the uncertainty and euphoria of youth.

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