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Alec Baldwin (Curse of Don Sarducci by Chris Fondulas)
Alec Baldwin (Curse of Don Sarducci by Chris Fondulas)

The Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival unveiled its lineup today of the shorts selected for the 2nd annual edition of the comedy film festival which takes place April 14 to 16, 2017 at the TCL Chinese 6 Theatres.  Over 110 of best comedy short films from around the world will be showcased.

The official selections include short films starring Emma Thompson (High Road by Justin Harwood), Alec Baldwin (Curse of Don Sarducci by Chris Fondulas), Linda Hamilton (Shoot Me Nicely by Misha Calvert), Erik Boccio’s Wiretap Scars features Mike Starr, Samm Levine, Kevin Pollak, and Scott Murphy. Other selected titles include: Neil Patrick and Harris: The Chronicles of Conjoined Triplets by Adam Fynke and Jesse Eisenberg Uses the Urinal by Alec Brown.

2nd Annual Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival Official Selections:

A Christmas Surprise – by Sara Lew

Acting Class – by Aaron Fradkin

Beside Myself – by Jeff McCafferty

Best Served Cold – by Andoni Elias Nava

Big Manly Chess – by George Fleming

Blazing Saddles – by Maxi Witrak and Keaton Kaplan

Born Again – by Jason Tostevin

Braggage – by David Mun

Breaking Up With Bacon – by George Williams III and David Kerns

Brosa Nostra – by Mike Smith

Brown Terror – by Tim Bathrust

Bullfrog Bullfrog – by Robby Descant and Brian Christ

Cabin – by Luke Hollingshead

Cash Only – by Jake Rasmussen

Church – by Stephen Bodossian

Cindy’s New Boyfriend – by Robert Brinkman

Crystal – by Crystal Correa

Death in Bloom – by Dael Oates

Dickey Sledgehammer – by Landon Ashworth and Matt Dean

Dissecting Gwen – by Katharine Barrell

Divorce Party – by Lauren Manes

DIY Daisy – by Erik Boccio

Don’t Tell Anyone, But I’m Dating the President – by Tim Martin Gleason

Don’t Think About It – by Niv Klainer

Fab Life Teresa XO – by Rob Janas

Farm to Table – by Ian McClellan

First Night – by Daniel Gomez

First Word – by Thomas R. Martin

Friends on a Bench: A Relationship in Six Acts – by Sean George

Friendship Without Love – by Sebastien Auger

Game Of Thrones Divorce – by Andrew Pifko

Girls I Audition With – by Corey Harrell

Grocery Store Action Movie – by Matthew Campbell

Happy Birthday Kevin – by John Psathas

Have A Little Faith – by Ashton Avila

Help! I’m Trapped In A Movie – by Riley Mandincea

Here’s The Thing – by Seth Berkowitz

High Road – by Justin Harwood

How To Save Your Darling-Leopoldo Caggiano

Hush Hush – by Tom Nolle

I Wanna Date U – by Lisa Ovies

In the Hole – by Courtney Thomas

Jesse Eisenberg Uses the Urnal – by Alec Brown

Justin Has A Date – by Justin Ray

Kyloki – by Jordan Henry

Let’s Do It – by Joel Jay Blacker

Lone Douche – by Katie Locke O’Brien

Managed – by Kenneth Bauer

Mere Players-Dan Levy Dagerman

Mike Holt 4 Ever – by Kenneth Anderson

Millions of Drops – by Matt Larson

Mommy Heist – by Anna Gutto

Movie Night – by Hamish McCollester

Neil Patrick and Harris: The Chronicles of Conjoined Triplets – by Adam Fynke

New Roommate – by Victor Yerrid

Now’s A Bad Time – by Michael Oberst

ObSETHed: Memorial Day – by Zack Matzganis

Oh Baby – by Rory Rooney

One Under – by Ruth Pickett

Pee Sitting Down – by Misha Calvert

Real Good Drinking with Dan Peff – by Paul Thomas

Reckless Juliets – by Skylar Barrett

Sammy S&M – by Donnie Hobbie

Shoot Me Nicely – by Elias Plagianos

Shout at the Ground – by Joe Lonie

Shy Guys – by Frederic Lehne

Sixty-Five Drive – by Darrel Herbert

Skinny Fat Girl – by Brandon Baer

So F*cking Happy For You- by Lina Suh

Spaceman- by Christopher Oliva

Standards & Practices: A Short Film About Modern Romance – by Ellena Chmielewski

Strayed – by Heather Edwards

Takanakuy – by Austin Kolodney

Tales from the Toilet- by Pete Novitch

The Apology by Eamon Glennon

The Baby Shower (Short Film) by Kiley Lane Parker

The Bearded Lady – by Dan Riesser

The Chad – by Matthew Moore

The Curse of Don Scarducci – by Chris Fondulas

The Day LA Stood Still – by Karl Harpur

The Driving Seat – by Alexei Slater

The Haunt – by Isabel Cueva

The Haunting of Lester House – by Michael Benni Pierce

The Heist – by Luke Harris

The Line – by Jerome Velinsky

The Nation Holds It’s Breath – by Kev Cahill

The Other Side – by Michael Degani

The Plumber (Le Plombier) – by Méryl Fortunat-Rossi & Xavier Séron

The Pretender – by Nathan Morse

The Rough Part – by Ryan Brown

The Schwartz Test – by Josh Yunis

The Short Short – by Martin White

The United Guys Network – by Tabatha Golat

The Way I Love You (Como Yo Te Amo) – by Fernando García Ruiz

Think Twice – by Eliaz Rodriguez

Time Travel Romance – by Ben Giroux

True Dating Stories- Jesse – by Andy King

Vantastic – by Alik Griffin

Weekend Warriors – by Julien Lasseur

Wire Tap Scars – by Erik Boccio

Woman of My Dreams (La Mujer de Mis Suenos) – by Javier San Roman

Working With Jigsaw – by Chris Capel

You, Me & Me – by Micah Paisner

You’re Alive – by W. Alex Reeves

Your Mom Says Hi! – by Rocco Urbisci, Carlie Mantilla, Doni Carley

Zombie Family – by Joseph Weisman

Screenplay Official Selections

3 To Die – Mitch Yapko & Allen Rueckert

Antoine’s Play – Phillip O’ Sullivan

Echo Chamber – Travis Lemke

It’s A Job – Emmett Raitt

Local Hero – Mark Renshaw

Lovin’ It – Stuart Creque

Randall Lipschitz Is A Star – Dawn Burgess

Red Velvet – Tom Radovich

Remedy – Margina Sisson

Spooky Kind of Love – Alicia Lomas-Gross

The Appetizer – Gerard George

The Day The Earth Stood Awkardly – Troy Graham

The Dumbest Generation – Leslie Lyshkov

The Unsocial Network – Matthew Holt

The Will – Amelia Solommon

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