A Billion Colour Story
A Billion Colour Story

A Billion Colour Story directed by Padmakumar Narasimhamurthy, won the coveted top prize, the Audience Award, at the 8th London Indian Film Festival.

In the film, Hari’s father Imran is Muslim, but is untethered by religion, as is his Hindu mother Parvati. They’re inspirational parents who are struggling to make their first feature film. Imran firmly believes that India is an incredible country that will always overcome its differences, but as mum and dad run into financial problems, the family has to downsize to rented apartments and come face-to-face with an onslaught of religious prejudices and corruption. As his disillusioned parents discuss whether to stay in the country they love or leave, Hari hatches his own secret plan to save the day.

Siddarth Chauhan’s PAPA is the winner of the Satyajit Ray Short Film Award that recognizes the best short in the short film competition category, and ANJALI PATIL is the winner the Outstanding Achievement Award for her role in black comedy NEWTON.

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