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Summer Houses (Sommerhäuser)
Summer Houses

German young talents were awarded the coveted prize New German Cinema at the Munich Film Festival with Summer Houses (Sommerhäuser) winning two awards – Sonja Maria Kröner for Best Director; Philipp Worm and Tobias Walker for Best Production. In her debut film Kröner takes a trip back to the 1970s and is characterized in atmospheric images, the portrait of a family. It is 1976, the family community garden to the scene of absurd comic situations in the sweltering summer of the year.

Annika Meier was named Best Actress for her role in Arne Feldhusens techno trip “Magical Mystery or: the return of Karl Schmidt.” “In a wild troop of crazed stars of the DJ and techno scene, the center of grandiose of Charly Hübner is embodied, the actress Annika Meier projects through her tight, direct and serious game out, “said the jury.

Julia Langhof and Thomas Gerhold received the prize for Best Screenplay for “Lomo – The Language of Many Others.” The twins Karl and Anna are nearing graduation: While the ambitious Anna already pretty much know how their lives will pass, Karl devotes all his attention rather his blog “The language of many others”. There, he posts, among other things personal recordings of his own family, which Charles ratio represents to his father a test of endurance.

The winners Award New German Cinema 2017

Award New German Cinema: DIRECTOR (30,000 euros)
Sonja Maria Kröner for “Summer Houses”

Award New German Cinema: SPECTACLE (10,000 euros)
Annika Meier for “Magical Mystery or: the return of Karl Schmidt”

Award New German Cinema: SCRIPT (10,000 euros)
Julia Langhof and Thomas Gerhold for “Lomo – The Language of Many Others”

Award New German Cinema: PRODUCTION (20,000 euros)
Philipp Worm and Tobias Walker for “Summer Houses”

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