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City of Joy
City of Joy

The 12th Beaufort International Film Festival (BIFF) will host thousands of film lovers from February 21 to February 25, 2018, in the historic coastal town of Beaufort, SC.

Awards will be presented in the areas of Features, Documentaries (Feature and Short), Short Films, Student Films, Screenplays, Animation. Comedy and Audience Choice. Also, winners will be named for Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Director

BIFF 2018 also marks the inaugural presentation of the Pat Conroy Lifetime Achievement Award. The award is being presented to Military Technical Advisor, Actor, and Author Dale Dye. “If you look at his body of work in the film industry over the past three decades, read the stories from the directors he has worked with like Robert Zemeckis, Steven Spielberg, and Oliver Stone, you’ll see why we’re so very honored to present the first Pat Conroy Lifetime Achievement Award to Hollywood Legend Dale Dye,” stated Beaufort Film Society President Ron Tucker.

Set Decorator Missy Ricker will receive the prestigious “Behind the Scenes Award” for her nearly 20 years of career achievements in the film and television industries.

“Our Official Selections represent the very best in filmmaking brilliance. Every human emotion will be affected ranging from intense anxiety to a pull to the funny bone.” stated Rebecca Tucker, Co-Festival Director.

2018 Beaufort International Film Festival Finalists


Anxiety Directed by: Allison Jones, New York, NY (SC Premiere)
An Idea Directed by: Juan Paulin, Morelia, Mexico (SC Premiere)
Human Town USA Directed by: Julie Greiner, Newbury Park, CA (SC Premiere)
Karma Directed by: Zhaoyu Zhou, Los Angeles, CA (SC Premiere)
KCLOC Directed by: Ninaad Kilkarni, New York, NY (SC Premiere)


City of Joy Directed by:Madeleine Gavin, New York, NY (SC Premiere)
Forgive, Don’t Forget Directed by: Brad Bennett, Jonah Guelzo, Austin Journey, Paul Ufema, Lynchburg, VA (SC Premiere)
Poisoning Paradise Directed by Keely Brosnan, Kawaii/Oahu, HI (SC Premiere)
Purple Dreams Directed by: Joanne Hock, Charlotte, NC (SC Premiere)


Almost Cured Directed by: Tom Dierolf, Haifa, Israel (SC Premiere)
Bud’s Odyssey Directed by: Jennifer Kingsbury, Burbank, CA (SC Premiere)
Just Wrong Directed by: Teresa Bruce, Washington, DC (SC Premiere)
Parched Directed by: Christy Westad, Orange, CA (SC Premiere)
To Breathe Free Directed by: David Barnhart, Atlanta, GA (SC Premiere)


I Am Still Here Directed by: Mischa Marcus, Los Angeles, CA (SC Premiere)
Love Is Dead Directed by: Eric Capitaine, Paris, France (SC Premiere)
Nothing To Do Directed by: Mike Kravinsky, Arlington, VA (SC Premiere)
The Man From Outer Space Directed by: Ben Hall, Los Angeles, CA (SC Premiere)


400 Miles Directed by: Felix Martiz, Los Angeles, CA (SC Premiere)
Catch and Kill Directed by: Geoffrey Gunn, Greenville, SC
Crab Trap Directed by: Shea Sizemore, Charlotte, NC
Dear Kate Directed by: Ilona Elizabeth McCrea, Calgary AB, Canada (SC Premiere)
Eggs & Soldiers Directed by: Imelda O’Reilly, New York, NY (SC Premiere)
Expectant Directed by: Benjamin Sliker, Matthew Bumby, Fort Mill, SC (World Premiere)
Frank Embree Directed by: Skinner Myers, Culver City, CA (SC Premiere)
God’s Country Directed by: Alex Kuciw, New York, NY (SC Premiere)
In A Dream Directed by: Edina Kishonthy, Culver City, CA (SC Premiere)
Melting Pot Directed by: KC Allen, Findlay, OH (SC Premiere)
North and Nowhere Directed by: Scott Ballard, Portland, OR (SC Premiere)
Reality Disorder Directed by: Gerard Bianco, Jr., New York, NY (SC Premiere)
Uncle Silas Directed by: Sayra Player, Rebecca Brillhart, New York, NY (SC Premiere)
Sanvean Directed by: Elizabeth Yoder, Culver City, CA (SC Premiere)
Two Strangers Who Meet Five Times Directed by: Marcus Markou, London, United Kingdom (SC Premiere)


Citizen Directed by: Robert Bracker, Orange, CA (Chapman University/Dodge College) (SC Premiere)
Distress Directed by: Lane Lyle, Orange, CA (Chapman University/Dodge College) (SC Premiere)
It’s Just a Gun Directed by: Brian Robau, Orange CA (Chapman University/Dodge College) (SC Premiere)
Marty and Stacy’s Pixelated Dream Show Directed by: Paul Mowry, Orange, CA (Chapman University/Dodge College) (SC Premiere)
Night Call Directed by: Amanda Renee Knox, Los Angeles, CA (Chapman University/Dodge College) (SC Premiere)
Pickle Directed by: Grant Moore, Orange, CA (Chapman University/Dodge College) (SC Premiere)

BEST COMEDY (Audience Voted)

Distress (Student Film)
In A Dream (Short Film)
Love Is Dead (Feature Film)
Marty and Stacy’s Pixelated Dream Show (Student Film)
Melting Pot (Short Film)
North & Nowhere (Short Film)
Pickle (Student Film)
Reality Disorder (Short Film)
The Man From Outer Space (Feature Film)


Civil Forfeiture Written by: Shelley Reid, Abbeville, SC
Day of Reckoning Written by: Lorraine Portman, St. Augustine, FL
Dead Drop Written by: Nancy Duff, Los Angeles, CA
The Salt Box Written by: Robert J. Rogers, Simpsonville, SC
The Spirit Of Columbus Written by: Eric Carlson, Williamsburg, VA
Electric Jesus Written by: Chris White, Greenville, SC
Where’s Mama Written by: Bernard Smith, Mandeville, LA


Johnny Ray Diaz (I Am Still Here – Feature Film)
Paul Fahrenkopf (Nothing To Do – Feature Film)
Kevin Kane (Uncle Silas – Short Film)
Benjamin Lavernhe (Love is Dead – Feature Film)
Rolando Molina (400 Miles – Short Film)
Danny Vinson (Crab Trap – Short Film)


Aliyah Conley (I Am Still Here – Short Film)
Rebecca Koon (Crab Trap -Short Film)
Sayra Player (Uncle Silas – Short Film)
Elizabeth Shepherd ( Dear Kate – Short Film)
Elizabeth Yoder (Sanvean – Short Film)


Rebecca Brillhart (Uncle Silas – Short Film)
Sayra Player ( Uncle Silas – Short Film)
Eric Capitaine (Love is Dead – Feature Film)
Mike Kravinsky ( Nothing To Do – Feature Film)
Misha Marcus (I Am Still Here –Feature Film)
Felix Martiz (400 Miles – Short Film)
Ilona Elizabeth McCrea (Dear Kate – Short Film)

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