Death House

Horror legends, director B. Harrison Smith (‘Camp Dread’, ‘XK: Elephant’s Graveyard’) and past writer Gunnar Hansen the “Famed Horror Star” for ‘The Texas Chain Saw Massacre’, have teamed up for ‘Death House’, a hardcore horror film  that follows two FBI agents, Toria Boon (Courtney Palm) and Jae Novak (Cody Longo), who are constantly plagued by bad luck. When the duo are assigned to work on an exclusive tour within a secret maximum-security prison, they observe that its inmates are organized by the nine levels of the prison, or by the intensity of their evil. Toria and Jac have experienced their fair share of evil, or at least they think, … until an EMP device detonates and sets off the prison’s power, trapping them inside the hell-filled prison, where the violent and evil monsters-like inmates are set free to roam and riot.

The two vulnerable agents frantically make their way through the wicked warren of evil, fighting for their lives. Smith captures the ultimate horror and chaos with the excellent combination of old-school styled gore with action-pack sequences, taking horror-lovers on an unnerving journey through the nine levels of evil within a dark prison full of relentless screams. As each level increases it becomes more dangerous than the last. Will the two agents be at the hands of the savage, barbaric, evil criminals or will they be lucky enough to escape the ‘Death House’ prison alive?

Death House Poster

‘Death House’ was awarded the Festival Prize Winner for Audience Choice Award and Best Feature Film at the 2017 Central Florida Film Festival.

TriCoast Worldwide’s horror division, DarkCoast will represent Smith’s ‘Death House’ with a screening at this year’s 71st Cannes Film Festival from May 8th-19th, TriCoast Worldwide’s booth will be located at Riviera D3.

‘Death House’ stars iconic horror legends including Kane Hodder (‘Friday the 13th’), Dee Wallace (‘Zombie Killers’), Tony Todd (‘The Candyman’, ‘The Crow’, ‘Night of the Living Dead’), Barbara Crampton (‘Reanimator’) and Adrienne Barbeau (‘The Fog’). Alongside are the talented, Courtney Palm (‘Zombewavers’), Cody Longo (‘Piranha 3D’, ‘Nashville’), Michael Berryman (‘The Hills Have Eyes’), Bill Mosley (‘Devil’s Rejects’, ‘House of 1,000 Corpses’), Lindsay Hartley (series, ‘All My Children’, ‘The Challenger’), Sean Whalen (‘Lost’, ‘Men In Black’), Vernon Wells (‘Weird Science’), RA Mihailoff (‘Texas Chainsaw III’), Sid Haig (‘Devil’s Rejects’, ‘House of 1,000 Corpses’), Vincent Ward (‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Oceans Eleven’), Felissa Rose (‘Sleepaway Camp’, ‘Camp Dread’), Bill Oberst, Jr. (‘Scary or Die’) and Bernhard Forcher (‘Fury’).

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