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Everyday Hero

TriCoast Worldwide will bring emerging Chinese filmmaker, Zheng Hua’s biopic, ‘Everyday Hero’ to US audiences in August 2018. 

Everyday Hero poster

Produced / starring Sun Hong Tao, ‘Everyday Hero’ is a biopic exploring and honoring the true, inspiring story of Brother Guo Jian Nan, the selfless individual who left his occupation as Heavy Industries Group’s supervisor to dedicate his life as the new captain of the Poverty Alleviation Program in the developing Chinese LiTan Village, Yang Xi. As a cinematic sensation, ‘Everyday Hero’ guides viewers through Guo Jian Nan’s journey to develop infrastructure for an impoverished Chinese village. Within nearly two years, Guo Jian Nan is able to bring the LiTan Village back to life, overcoming poverty and achieving prosperity for a better reality. Along the way, he meets the heartwarming villagers of LiTan, embarking on an adventure of a lifetime that would change a village forever.

“We don’t write heroes for the profusion of poverty. We write a ‘brother’. Every one of us is eager to have such warmhearted brothers around,” said Sun Hong Tao.

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