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DIANE, directed by Kent Jones, and exec-produced by Martin Scorsese

Tribeca Film Festival award-winner Diane, directed by Kent Jones, and exec-produced by Martin Scorsese will open in theaters on March 29. Diane starring Mary Kay Place, Jake Lacy, Estelle Parsons, Andrea Martin, Deirdre O’Connell, Phyllis Somerville, Glynis O’Connor, and Joyce Van Patten won the awards for Best Narrative Feature, Best Cinematography and Best Screenplay at Tribeca Film Festival.

Veteran actress Mary Kay Place (THE BIG CHILL, BEING JOHN MALKOVICH) gives a career-defining performance in DIANE, Kent Jones’ fiction feature debut. An exquisitely textured, thoroughly lived-in experience, Diane is the story of a woman who experiences something both common and extraordinary: her life, as she has come to know it, vanishing before her eyes as time rushes on like a river. Diane (Mary Kay Place) lives alone in western Massachusetts, spending her days caring for others and always putting herself last. Her life revolves around her cousins, her friends, her beloved aunts and uncles, and the people she serves at church suppers.  Her most precious burden is her grown son, Brian (Jake Lacy), constantly in-and-out of rehab but not fully honest with himself about his addiction.  And hovering over Diane’s duty-bound existence is the shadow of guilt for an old sin. Solitude opens to new levels of perception and being…past and present collide…people come and go…and Diane is confronted with the possibility of forgiveness. With a remarkable cast that includes Andrea Martin, Estelle Parsons, Deirdre O’Connell, Joyce Van Patten, Phyllis Gallagher, Glynnis O’Connor and Paul McIsaac.

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