The Martyr Maker directed by Kamal Ahmed
The Martyr Maker directed by Kamal Ahmed

Indie film maker and former member of the Grammy winning comedy group the Jerky Boys, Kamal Ahmed will release his latest film “The Martyr Maker” starring Golden Globe nominated actor Tom Sizemore (Pearl Harbor, Black Hawk Down).  The Martyr Maker also features a slew of upcoming talented New York actors including Shiek Mahmud -Bey, Cory Duval and Alexander Mercier.   

Sizemore plays a determined CIA Agent who is after a rouge agent who has turned into a Muslim Extremist by the name of Saif (Sheik Mahmud -Bey). Saif is setting up underground extremist camps throughout NYC, and has a recruiter named Abbaz (Cory DuVal) looking for a  young impressionable Muslim to full fill his plans, when Abbaz comes across   Zahid khoury played by new comer ( alexander Mercier) he entices him to carry out some suicide bombings along the city.

The film will be available worldwide starting June 7, on Amazon Prime, and will be released on DISH NETWORK 6/7; SLING TV 6/7; INDEMAND 6/7; COMCAST Xfinity 6/7; CHARTER/SPECTRUM 6/7; and COX Communications 6/7.


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