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Woodstock Film Festival 20th Anniversary Edition Poster

The Woodstock Film Festival, widely known for its popular commemorative posters, unveiled its Official Commemorative Poster for its special 20th Anniversary edition taking place October 2 to 6, 2019, in Woodstock, Saugerties, Kingston, Rosendale and Rhinebeck, NY.

WFF Co-Founder/Executive Director Meira Blaustein says the 20th Anniversary edition continues the tradition of choosing local, regional or internationally known artists who share WFF’s “fiercely independent” spirit and artistic vision:

“It was important to find an artist with a real understanding of what the festival is about and what it brings to the community it serves. After carefully considering a number of options, we decided to ask two local artists, Beck Underwood and Adam Blaustein Rejto, to collaborate on a design. Adam and Beck have known each other since the first festival in 2000 and have remained connected to the festival ever since.”

Beck Underwood is a multi-talented designer and filmmaker who has worked as a director, producer, production designer and art director throughout her prolific career. Her films include THAT CREEPY DOLL, AN EXQUISITE TASK, STRAY BULLETS, and STAKE LAND, which have screened at the Woodstock Film Festival. Underwood resides in Boiceville and NYC.

Speaking about her poster design with Blaustein Rejto, Underwood notes: “Working with Adam on this year’s poster was a very special collaboration for me. I have watched Adam grow up around the festival, around the music, art and nature so characteristic of Woodstock, and I am delighted to see how Adam’s paintings reflect that very unique perspective. We created a scenario that is magical, mystical and captures the spirit of creativity and independence that one comes to expect from the Woodstock Film Festival.”

Adam Blaustein Rejto, a prodigiously talented painter, musician, and biochemist, is the youngest child of the Woodstock Film Festival’s two co-founders, and grew up working with the festival. At age 10, Blaustein Rejto’s first work of art was sold during the 2005 Woodstock Film Festival to renowned actor Donal Logue. Speaking about their current artistic collaboration, Blaustein Rejto notes they are “honored to have been able to work on this whimsical and celebratory homage to the festival. Like the spirit of Woodstock and the film festival, our poster revolves around the community and the land we love.” Blaustein Rejto resides in Brooklyn and Woodstock.

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