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The Whistler (El silbón: orígenes) by Gisberg Bermúdez
The Whistler by Gisberg Bermúdez

The horror thriller The Whistler (El silbón: orígenes) by Gisberg Bermúdez, based on a popular South American folk tale, will open in the US on Friday, September 6 at the Laemmle Theaters in Los Angeles, followed by other U.S. cities., and a VOD release in the fall.

“The Whistler” refers to a phantasmagorical folk figure who wanders at night and is famed for terrorizing the drunk, the unfaithful and children, whom he’s known to feast upon. In Bermúdez’s gripping retelling of this popular Venezuelan-Colombian legend, it’s a race against the clock as a father struggles to find the origins of The Whistler’s curse in order to stop the worsening possession of his daughter by the supernatural entity.

Winner of the Best Ibero-American Feature Award at the Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre Fantastic Film Festival and Best Cinematography, Original Score and Screenplay Awards from the Caracas Cinematography Critics Circle, The Whistler stars Fernando Gaviria, Leonidas Urbina, Vladimir Garcia, Valeria Oribio, and Martín. Marquez

Director Gisberg Bermúdez is an award-winning, Venezuelan-born, U.S.-raised writer-director-producer who has worked extensively in film and theatre in the United States, Mexico, Venezuela, and Europe. He is best known for the critically acclaimed, independent feature film, The Whistler, which sky-rocketed to number one in Venezuela in December 2018, sold out for weeks and garnered him a Press Award for Best Film.

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