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Everybody Changes (Todos cambiamos) by Arturo Montenegro
Everybody Changes (Todos cambiamos) by Arturo Montenegro

Arturo Montenegro’s family drama Everybody Changes (Todos cambiamos), starring Gaby Gnazzo, Andrea Pérez Meana, Susan Elizabeth Castillo, Mónica Lola Díaz and José Manuel Arispe was selected by the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences of Panama to represent Panama at the 2020 Academy Awards in the Best International Feature category.

The film is about the story of Federico, a father who decides to reveal that he is transsexual. His confession causes him to be judged by his own family, who moves away from him.

“I am proud that this story has the opportunity to be exhibited internationally. ”

Arturo Montenegro.
Everybody Changes (Todos cambiamos) Trailer
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