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A GERMAN YOUTH (Une Jeunesse Allemande)
A GERMAN YOUTH (Une Jeunesse Allemande)

Big World Pictures will release the documentary film A GERMAN YOUTH (Une Jeunesse Allemande) by Jean-Gabriel Périot in Los Angeles, with the film opening at the Laemmle Music Hall in Los Angeles on October 11th; other cities will follow.

A GERMAN YOUTH (Une Jeunesse Allemande) chronicles the political radicalization of some German youth in the late 1960s that gave birth to the Red Army Faction (RAF), a German revolutionary terrorist group founded notably by Andreas Baader and Ulrike Meinhof. The film is entirely produced by editing preexisting visual and sound archives and aims to question viewers on the significance of this revolutionary movement during its time, as well as its resonance for today’s society.

A GERMAN YOUTH gathers its sources from three irreconcilable sides: the West German government, the RAF and the movie-makers of the time (including Godard, Fassbinder and Antonioni), as well as the images respectively produced by each. The story of the film is told in the present tense and chronologically, without retrospective excerpts, indeed exclusively through images that are contemporary with the events in the story. The connections between the characters as well as the story’s dramatic arc and flair are brought to life through the editing. A GERMAN YOUTH is a real story of failures and fears. A story told through powerful, historical images. During the director’s research about the RAF, he watched over a thousand hours of archival footage.

Born in France in 1974, director Jean-Gabriel directed several short films. Between documentary, animation and experimental films, most of his works deal with violence and history. His last works, including “Our Days, Absolutely, Have To Be Enlightened”, “The Devil”, “The Days Has Conquered The Night” and “Optimism”, were shown worldwide in numerous festivals and were honored with many prizes. “A German Youth” (Une Jeunesse Allemande) is his first feature. 


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