Glass Cabin, directed by Can Türedi
Glass Cabin, directed by Can Türedi

The bloody psychological thriller short film Glass Cabin, written and directed by Can Türedi, produced by Luca Marcovici, and executive produced by Maya Korn will World Premiere at the horror film festival Screamfest LA. The spine-chilling short stars Revell Carpenter (Cypress Cake, Queen Mab Was Here) as Scarlett, newcomer David Mar Stefansson as David the caretaker and Jabari AmirJones (Tennis Coach). 

In Glass Cabin, Scarlett, a tennis player staying at an isolated cabin in the woods, struggles with paranoia after becoming convinced that the caretaker of the rented place has malicious intentions for her. The film seeks to provoke the exploration of relatable themes of paranoia and isolation in adverse weather circumstances. Who is the home invader? Does he exist or is it merely in the character’s mind?

Glass Cabin Trailer

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