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Portrait of a Lady On Fire (PORTRAIT DE LA JEUNE FILLE EN FEU)
Portrait of a Lady On Fire (PORTRAIT DE LA JEUNE FILLE EN FEU)

The French historical drama film Portrait of a Lady on Fire by Céline Sciamma is the winner of the European University Film Award 2019. The award will be presented on Friday, December 6, at the European Film Awards Weekend in Berlin.

The nominated films were viewed and discussed in 24 universities in 24 countries and each institution selected its favorite film.

The jury commented: “In this film, fearless, careful and gentle storytelling creates a mythical atmosphere in which female characters depend on each other and find solace in each other’s company. Central composition, a renaissance color palette and stylized mise-en-scène all contribute to presenting every frame as a canvas painting.

Furthermore, the movie’s relationship with European art and history shines a light on the local values and way of life. By breaking the hierarchy between the artist and the muse, Sciamma turns the artistic process into a moving queer love story.”

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