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Paradise Drifters by Mees Peijnenburg
Paradise Drifters by Mees Peijnenburg

The new trailer debuted for Paradise Drifters by Mees Peijnenburg which celebrated its international premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival in the Generation 14plus program. The film starring Tamar van Waning, Jonas Smulders, Bilal Wahib, Joren Seldeslachts, Camilla Siegertsz, Steef Cuijpers, and Micha Hulshof, follows the journey of three homeless young adults who are heading to Southern Europe in search of money, love and happiness.

Paradise Drifters is a sensitive portrait of the young homeless adults Chloe, Lorenzo and Yousef. Hoping for a different life, they meet by chance, leave their hopeless situations behind and travel together to Southern Europe. Living in the margins of society, they long and fight for love and affection. The trip starts as a sort of cat and mouse game between them. At first, they mistrust one another and each of them desperately pursues their own goal. Coming from different backgrounds, they share the same fear of standing on their own two feet and lacking a support network to fall back on. The journey, that should lead them to fast money and thus new opportunities, turns out to be a hopeful and passionate search for humanity, relationships and security – and last but not least for mutual affection and love.

Paradise Drifters – By Mees Peijnenburg Trailer
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