I Will Make You Mine
I Will Make You Mine

Lynn Chen’s (“Saving Face”) I Will Make You Mine, part of the Surrogate Valentine trilogy, release the official trailer ahead of its world premiere at 2020 SXSW Film Festival. Following SXSW premiere, Gravitas Ventures will release the film on demand starting May 26.

I Will Make You Mine stars Goh Nakamura, Lynn Chen, Yea-Ming, Ayako Fujitani, and introducing Ayami Riley.

The film follows three women – Rachel (Lynn Chen) who lives in idle luxury with a cheating husband, Professor Erika (Ayako Fujitani) juggling career demands while raising her daughter Sachiko (newcomer Ayami Riley Tomine), and struggling musician Yea-Ming (Yea-Ming Chen) still chasing a fast-fading dream. Three women who could not be more different have one thing in common: their flawed romantic history with singer-songwriter Goh Nakamura (himself). When the amiable but unreliable Goh ambles back into town and into their lives, the past comes roaring back. This semi-sequel to Surrogate Valentine (SXSW 2011) and Daylight Savings (SXSW 2012) revisits the characters in a stand-alone story with a fresh new perspective.

I Will Make You Mine Trailer
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