About a Teacher
About a Teacher

About a Teacher, an intimate and inspiring drama that candidly takes us through the personal journey of a new inner-city public high school film teacher – written, produced and directed by Hanan Harchol, and executive produced by Sara Bloom – will be available on Amazon Prime starting April 7th, 2020.

Inspired by the filmmaker’s real-life experiences as an inner-city high school film teacher, Hanan (played by Dov Tiefenbach) enters the profession oblivious to the actual demands of teaching, and unaware of his own shortcomings and biases.

Featuring many of Hanan Harchol’s former students in the cast and crew, About a Teacher takes us through Hanan’s first three years as a public high school teacher. The film paints a candid, authentic portrait of the teaching profession, shedding light on the challenges and pitfalls that lead nearly half of New York City teachers to leave the profession within the first five years, while simultaneously celebrating the deep rewards that this meaningful and noble profession can provide.

Born in Israel and raised in the United States, for the past 11 years Hanan Harchol has been a public high school teacher in New York City teaching filmmaking to students who are for the most part socio-economically disadvantaged. “I made this film because I felt that often the portrayal of teachers on film and television was a comedic caricature of the profession. I wanted to show what teachers really go through and begin a discourse on how to better support teachers, and with that, how to better support our disadvantaged student population.” Hanan is a New York based artist, filmmaker, animator and classical guitarist. About a Teacher is his first feature film.


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