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The Dark End of the Street
The Dark End of the Street

Written and directed by Kevin Tran, the independent dark drama film The Dark End of the Street follows various characters over the course of one night in a suburban neighborhood where it has been recently discovered that someone has been killing people’s pets.

The film starring Scott Friend, Lindsay Burdge, Brooke Bloom, Jim Parrack, Michael Cyril Creighton, Jennifer Kim, Daniel K. Isaac, Anthony Chisholm, and Rod Luzzi first premiered at the 2020 DC Independent Film Festival. The Dark End of the Street arrives on VOD nationwide on Tuesday, August 11th.

Set in an idyllic, suburban community where someone is killing other residents’ pets, The Dark End of the Street focuses on several characters over the course of one long night: a lonely woman mourning her dog, the culprit committing the violent acts, an overly concerned family man, and restless teenagers. And over this night, their worlds will intertwine in ways none of them ever could have expected.

This unique, daring indie drama explores the insecurities, fears, and anxiety surrounding everyday middle-class lives – forcing its characters to find connections beyond their own backyards.

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