Abdallah Rahhal in A Step Without Feet
Abdallah Rahhal in A Step Without Feet

This is not another refugee film.

Within the backdrop of Berlin’s winter landscape, seven Syrians exiled from their home share their lives in the new documentary A Step Without Feet. Directed by filmmakers Lydia Schamschula and Jeremy Glaholt, the documentary film will be released on September 4, 2020.

A Step Without Feet is a documentary about connecting and sharing each other’s cultures through universal themes like music, art, family, and friends. Within the backdrop of Berlin’s beautiful winter landscape, we captured the daily lives of seven extraordinary Syrians exiled from their home country. Due to misguided stereotypes perpetuated by the media, being labeled a ‘refugee’ tends to carry negative connotations. This negative identity often leads to them feeling isolated. The purpose of this film is to counter the medias’ consistent dehumanization of the Syrian asylum seekers. Once you are introduced to the individual, face-to-face, you are reminded of their humanity.

Syrians featured in the documentary are Zaher al Taher, Layla Bayazed, Freddie Bechara, Mudar el Sheich Ahmad, Anis Hamdoun, Saja Noori and Abdallah Rahhal

“We want to show the world the true essence and beauty of the Syrian culture now thriving in Berlin,” said directors, Lydia Schamschula and Jeremy Glaholt.

Filmmaker Lydia Schamschula is an actress, writer, and filmmaker. She studied acting at the School for Music and Performing Arts in Berlin, Germany. She spent the early part of her acting career performing at theaters throughout Germany (Munich, Frankfurt Schauspielhaus, Bochum, and many more). After gaining experience in the world of theater, she brought her talents to the film world and is known for various German TV shows and films. A Step Without Feet is her debut film as a director.

In 2013, co-director Jeremy Glaholt moved to Berlin, Germany where he directed and photographed his short film, CATCH. He returned to Europe in 2014, to premiere Catch in Poland’s prestigious cinematography festival, Camerimage. As a cinematographer, he has traveled from the Brazilian Amazon and Favela’s of Recife, to the historic landscape of Berlin, Germany. His most recent film; CHÚ MAYA {Mayan Blue}(photographed for Artist/Director Clarissa Tossin), is being displayed in the Condemned to be Modern showcase in his hometown of Los Angeles. The show is part of the Getty Foundations PST: LA/LA. His reputation continues to grow based on his keen eye for composition and lighting, artistic viewpoint, and dedication to his craft.

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