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The Terrible Adventure
The Terrible Adventure

The family-friendly independent film The Terrible Adventure written, directed and produced by Florida father Kel Thompson, and starring his two kids Olivia Thompson (9) and Jackson Thompson (12), will premiere at Dances With Films.

Shot entirely in Florida, the wholesome, comedic, action-packed, adventurous caper also stars award-winning comedians Ciro Dobric (Comedian) and Santo Curatolo (Witness Protection, First Match).

When two affluent siblings, Jackson and Olivia, are faced with losing everything, they spring into action attempting to conquer a contest put on by billionaire Billy Branson. However, Iceman and Chilly, two corrupt “Ice Cream Men” conspire to win the contest and steal the million-dollar prize.

While on a family vacation this Florida father, along with his kids, had a concept to create a film to help save the world from pollution, disease and a billionaires greed. Thompson tapped into tenured, award-winning comedians to play the various lead and supporting roles in the film, bringing natural levity and lightheartedness to each scene. Thompson says, “stage performers are gifted actors and the on-screen chemistry among comics is second to none.”

When tasked with taking ‘action’ by an elementary teacher as a summer project, two bright, affluent and spoiled siblings, ‘Olivia’ and ‘Jackson’, face their Dad’s bankruptcy by attempting to win the most complicated contest of all time. Created by billionaire Billy Bob Branson (Ron Beau Phillips), the contest is used to cultivate the world’s greatest talent to seed a special task force and head up a non-profit organization to address global issues such as climate change, pollution and world peace – with a cash prize of $1,000,000. The contest is initially designed for adults, however, the siblings are able to solve the first clue of the contest which opens the portal to the first of many of their wild adventures.

Santo Curatolo and Ciro Dobric star as two corrupt ice cream men, ‘Chilly’ and ‘Ice Man’, who conspire to win the contest and steal the million dollar prize. At every turn, they find themselves constantly being outwitted by the clever siblings. As ‘Olivia’ and ‘Jackson’ search and solve each of the clues of the puzzle via land, air and sea, inching them closer and closer to the grand prize, ‘Chilly’ and ‘Ice Man’ are never far behind.

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