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Abel Ferrara
Abel Ferrara at Lisbon Film Festival 2017

Director Abel Ferrara (Pasolini, Bad Lieutenant, King of New York) is the recipient of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Glory to the Filmmaker award of the 77th Venice International Film Festival (September 2 – 12, 2020), dedicated to a personality who has made a particularly original contribution to innovation in contemporary cinema.

The award ceremony for Abel Ferrara will take place on Saturday September 5th 2020 in the Sala Grande (Palazzo del Cinema) at 2 pm, before the screening Out of Competition of his new film, the documentary Sportin’ Life (Italy, 65′) with Abel Ferrara, Willem Dafoe, Cristina Chiriac, Anna Ferrara, Paul Hipp, Joe Delia.

In the documentary Sportin’ Life, Abel Ferrara provides an intimate and lush look at his own life, his world refracted through his art – music, filmmaking, his collaborators and inspirations… his partner Cristina Chiriac and their daughter Anna, their life in the eternal city, Roma… as the corona virus descends and paralyses the world.

With regards to this acknowledgment, the Director of the Venice Film Festival Alberto Barbera has stated: “One of the many merits of Abel Ferrara, who is widely held in esteem despite his reputation as one of the most controversial filmmakers in contemporary cinema, is his undeniable consistency and allegiance to his personal approach, inspired by the principles of independent cinema even when the director had the opportunity to work on more traditional productions. From his first low-budget films, influenced directly by the New York scene populated by immigrants, artists, musicians, cops and drug addicts, through his universally recognized masterpieces – The King of New York (1990), Bad Lieutenant (1992) and Body Snatchers (1994) – to his most recent works, increasingly introspective and autobiographical, Ferrara has brought to life a personal and exclusive universe. From the original conflicts between guilt and innocence, redemption and religion, sin and betrayal that prevailed in his cinema for so long, along with the portrayal of abject, urban violence in the nocturnal metropolis, Ferrara has arrived at original speculations on the end of the world and the impossibility of finding meaning in the relationship between individuals and society. All this confirms him to be one of the most interesting and unreconciled directors of the moment.”

Jaeger-LeCoultre is a sponsor of the Venice International Film Festival for the sixteenth year in a row, and of the Glory to the Filmmaker prize for the thirteenth year in a row. The prize has been awarded in past years to Takeshi Kitano (2007), Abbas Kiarostami (2008), Agnès Varda (2008), Sylvester Stallone (2009), Mani Ratnam (2010), Al Pacino (2011), Spike Lee (2012), Ettore Scola (2013), James Franco (2014), Brian De Palma (2015), Amir Naderi (2016), Stephen Frears (2017), Zhang Yimou (2018) and Costa-Gavras (2019).

The 77th Venice International Film Festival will be held on the Lido from September 2nd to 12th, 2020.

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