Young Hearts
Young Hearts

The new trailer debuted for the high school romantic comedy, Young Hearts, starring Anjini Taneja Azhar, Quinn Liebling, Alex Jarmon, Ayla Carda, Kelly Grace that world premiered at the 2020 Slamdance Film Festival. Executive Produced by Mark and Jay Duplass and directed by Sarah and Zachary Ray Sherman, the film is a fun, nuanced and refreshingly authentic look at Gen Z through the lens of two characters trying to navigate their first relationship, high school, family, and friends.

Blue Fox Entertainment will release the film in theaters and on demand on Feb 12, 2021, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Tilly (Quinn Liebling) and Harper (Anjini Taneja Azhar) have lived across the street from each other since they were small children. Harper’s older brother (Alex Jarmon) is Tilly’s best friend. When Harper enters high school, she and Tilly find themselves in an unexpected relationship that challenges social expectations, self identities and family standings, providing us with an honest look into the naive yet complex social/cultural worlds of today’s young people.

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