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Faceless directed by Jennifer Ngo
Faceless directed by Jennifer Ngo

The new teaser trailer debuted today for the documentary Faceless directed by Jennifer Ngo which will have its world premiere at the 2021 Hot Docs Canadian International Film Festival on Thursday, April 29, 2021.

Faceless is an intimate portrayal of four young protestors in Hong Kong struggling to protect their freedom and way of life. First time feature filmmaker and journalist Ngo, brings this eye-opening film to the screen, as a powerful reminder of the lengths people will go to impact change, and presents incredible access to these four game-changers who share their thoughts and actions, as they become part of the protest in a meaningful way.

A daughter who loves her police officer father; a Christian believer who advocates nonviolent resistance; a student entering his last year of high school; and queer artist-activist are featured in this urgent film. Their lives are upended as protests against a controversial extradition bill engulf Hong Kong. The independently-produced documentary follows these four young Hongkongers navigating the protests. They take to the streets, facing tactical problems with creativity and countering police brutality with commitment and unity in the midst of the largest challenge to Communist Party rule since Tiananmen Square. As protests morph into a greater city-wide movement calling for democracy and justice against police brutality, each of them are forced to re-examine their motives, their values and personal relationships. The cast remains masked during the filming, so that they would not be identified. Faceless gives a vibrant and important voice to this new and active generation of activists.

Watch the trailer for the documentary Faceless directed by Jennifer Ngo.

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