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POV: Points of View directed by Alton Glass
POV: Points of View directed by Alton Glass

POV: Points of View is a sci-fi virtual reality experience that educates Black and other at-risk communities about implicit bias in emerging technologies and law enforcement.

The project’s mission is to engage with the development of ongoing civic technologies and prompt ethical oversight into the research and development of areas like facial recognition, data, privacy, surveillance, and artificial intelligence.

Directed and written by Alton Glass, the Co-Creator of TIME™ Magazine’s Immersive Installation “The March” and from GRX Immersive Labs, the premiere Black owned immersive media technology company, POV: Points of View will make its world premiere at the 2021 Tribeca Festival.

POV: Points of View is set in Los Angeles 2025. As an Insighter, you have been requested to review Case File 456.23 at the Federal Drone Headquarters.

The case centers around 21-year-old Cassius Moore, a gifted Black coder, who qualifies for early release under a new drone-surveillance program after serving two years in prison for biometric hacking. In this program, the government assigns F.E.N.I.X. AI–a drone that is equipped with artificial intelligence and weapons to record Cassius’ every move.

Follow F.E.N.I.X. and the former engineering student as they navigate the world together. Your task is to evaluate how machine driven data and human driven biases impact the algorithms and outcomes in law enforcement.

“I want the audience to feel empowered to reimagine our collective responsibility in public safety, and be aware of the development and implementation of emerging technologies that can encroach upon our civil liberties.” – Creator/Director Alton Glass

Watch the trailer for sci-fi virtual reality experience POV: Points of View directed by Alton Glass.

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