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U.S. saxophonist Kenneth Bruce Gorelick, better known as Kenny G
U.S. saxophonist Kenneth Bruce Gorelick, better known as Kenny G

HBO released the new teaser for Music Box documentary series, a collection of documentary films created by Bill Simmons exploring pivotal moments in the music world. Each episode in the series is helmed by a different director kicking off with Woodstock 99: Peace, Love, and Rage on July 23.

“Jagged”: An intimate exploration of Alanis Morissette and her groundbreaking 1995 album Jagged Little Pill; directed by Alison Klayman

“Untitled DMX”: A film with rare access to the late rapper after his release from prison – a portrait of a man struggling with addiction, fame, and his inner demons in the final years of his life; directed by Christopher Frierson

“Listening to Kenny G”: An examination of the most popular instrumentalist of all time and why he is polarizing to so many; directed by Penny Lane

“Mr. Saturday Night”: The untold story of Robert Stigwood and how he amped the disco era; directed by John Maggio

“Untitled Juice WRLD”: A film exploring how the late hip-hop star impacted a genre during his short life; directed by Tommy Oliver

Watch the teaser trailer for MUSIC BOX documentary series

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