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A Peloton of One documentary
A Peloton of One by John Bernardo and Steven E. Mallorca

Filmmakers John Bernardo and Steven E. Mallorca’s powerful documentary A Peloton of One will be released for a limited virtual theatrical via Laemmle Theaters beginning February 18th.

Winner of The JP Morgan Chase Audience Award at the Greenwich International Film Festival, “A Peloton of One” is a documentary film about surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse, focusing on the next chapter in the Survivors’ story – what happens after victims come forward. The film follows Dave Ohlmuller who conducts a solo bicycle ride from Chicago to New York, meeting a variety of other Survivors and legal advocates along the way.

A Peloton of One was an official selection at the Golden Door International Film Festival, New Jersey Documentary Film Festival, and Jersey Shore Film Festival.

“We are so proud to have the opportunity to bring this powerful and inspiring documentary to a global audience. This isn’t a story of just surviving, this is a story of strength, resilience and hope”, said Global Digital Releasing President, Joe Dain.

Directors Bernardo and Mallorca said, “Sexually abused at 12 years old by a priest in his New Jersey parish, Dave Ohlmuller set out on a sprawling solo bicycle ride from Chicago to New York to inspire other Survivors to come forward and tell their own stories, as well as educate the masses (and himself) on the impacts of this scourge. Along this 700-mile journey, Dave meets other Survivors abused by coaches, teachers, family members, and like Dave himself, Catholic priests. Through these interactions and common stories, Dave tries to find a way to connect and heal, mile by mile, as he heads back east towards his childhood home.

A ”peloton” is a cycling term that simply means a group of riders. But Dave Ohlmuller started his journey as a peloton of one. Like so many sexual abuse victims, he believed he was alone in his despair. At the end of this journey, he realized he is now part of a much greater whole, a true PELOTON OF ONE, dedicated to helping the millions of Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse in this country and across the globe.”

Watch the official trailer for A Peloton of One

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