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Country Gold directed by Mickey Reece teaser trailer
Country Gold directed by Mickey Reece

Directed and co-written by Mickey Reece with his regular collaborator John Selvidge (Climate of the Hunter, Agnes), Country Gold will premiere this summer at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montréal, QC, which runs from July 14th to August 3rd, 2022.

Set in 1994, Country Gold stars Reece as Troyal Brux, an up-and-coming country singer who is invited by country music legend George Jones (Ben Hall) for a night on the town in Nashville – the night before George is to be cryogenically frozen.

Watch first teaser trailer for Country Gold.

The latest from prolific director Mickey Reece, described by as “one of the DIY indie world’s best-kept secrets”, the Oklahoma City-based filmmaker has amassed a remarkable filmography since 2008, with 29 features to his name. Each one a unique experiment in form, genre, and aesthetic, his work was obscured from mainstream channels and limited to screenings at local arts venues and regional independent festivals until 2018, when Strike, Dear Mistress, and Cure His Heart premiered at Austin’s Fantastic Fest to acclaim, curiosity, and a wider audience.

The newfound exposure afforded Reece both new partnerships and resources, which led to the production of the two offbeat horror melodramas that helped him breakout — Climate of the Hunter (2019), which premiered at Fantastic Fest, and Agnes (2021), which premiered at Tribeca Film Fest and starred Molly C. Quinn, Jake Horowitz, and Sean Gunn, and was released theatrically and on VOD December 2021 by Magnolia Pictures.

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