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Hockeyland official trailer
Hockeyland directed by Tommy Haine

Greenwich Entertainment debuted the official trailer for Hockeyland, the critically-acclaimed documentary about rival high school hockey teams in Minnesota’s North Country, one of the breeding grounds for hockey greats who go onto to collegiate and professional play, including the National Hockey League (NHL).

Directed by Tommy Haine, the film has played leading documentary film festivals including DOC NYC and will be released in theaters on September 9, starting in Minneapolis and other Midwest cities, before expanding in the U.S. and Canada. A digital release will follow in October.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Greenwich on the release of Hockeyland,” said Tommy Haines, director of Hockeyland.

Northern Minnesota is felt in the bones. The deep chill of a long winter, the toll of a day in the mine, bruises from the hockey rink. But times they are a changin’, and toughness is no longer the only measure of a man. In this unforgiving country, senior boys in rival communities—one emerging dynasty, one with a fabled past—skate for a last chance to etch their names into local lore. Lightning fast on-ice action is paired with a patient observational approach to examine these two communities and their teen heroes through debilitating injuries, off-ice troubles, family health concerns, and the expectations of being a future star in the NHL. These boys must keep small-town pressures, adolescent distractions, and rising testosterone under control to pursue glory with the help of their coaches’ traditional fiery speeches and new mindfulness techniques. In America’s far reaches, this is a portrait of young men on the brink. This is Hockeyland.

Watch the official trailer for Hockeyland. | Watch the teaser trailer

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