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The Almond and the Seahorse
Rebel Wilson in The Almond and the Seahorse directed by Celyn Jones, Tom Stern

Ahead of its World Premiere at the Zurich Film Festival, IFC Films acquired The Almond and the Seahorse, starring Rebel Wilson (Pitch Perfect, Jojo Rabbit, The Hustle, Bridesmaids) in her first dramatic role. The film is based on the successful theater production of the same name by award-winning playwright Kaite O’Reilly. Also starring in the film are Charlotte Gainsbourg (Melancholia, 21 Grams, The Snowman), Trine Dyrholm (Queen of Hearts, Nico 1988, The Commune, The Legacy), Meera Syal and Celyn Jones.

The film is directed by BAFTA winning Celyn Jones (Six Minutes To Midnight, The Vanishing, Set Fire To The Stars) and Tom Stern (American Sniper, Sully, Changeling, Mystic River, Million Dollar Baby), will open in theaters and on demand on December 16, 2022.

For Gwen (Trine Dyrholm), it’s always 1999. The face in the mirror is unfamiliar and her partner, Toni (Charlotte Gainsbourg), isn’t recognizable to her despite waking up together every day. For Joe (Celyn Jones), his past is coming undone and his partner, Sarah (Rebel Wilson), fears she will be forgotten. A doctor refuses to give up on them, determined not to let them all unravel. The Almond and the Seahorse is a funny, poignant and moving story which follows two couples where one partner has survived Traumatic Brain Injury and how it impacts their lives together.

Directors Celyn Jones and Tom Stern said, “To have IFC Films as a partner is a stamp of quality for us as their cinematic taste and care is impeccable. We wanted to make a film where the performances could take center stage, underpinned by a unique and daring script about a subject that affects many. It’s a fresh, yet familiar story, with phenomenal performances about people who become broken and then must put the pieces back together again like a precious vase.”

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