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Carlos Saura in The Walls Can Talk
Carlos Saura in The Walls Can Talk (Las paredes hablan)

Filmmaker Carlos Saura, who had planned to present his latest film, The Walls Can Talk (Las paredes hablan), at San Sebastian Festival, will not be able to travel due to a fall suffered at the last minute. The mishap had no serious consequences, but it has prevented him from travelling to San Sebastian.

One of the Galas at the festival will host a special screening of 2, The Walls Can Talk (Las paredes hablan), the new documentary by Carlos Saura on the origin of art and its relationship with the most avant-garde tendencies. Seen from the Spanish moviemaker’s personal and distinctive point of view, the movie portrays the evolution and relationship of art with walls as a creative canvas, from the first graphic revolutions of the prehistoric caves to the most cutting-edge expressions of urban art.

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