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Therapy Dogs directed by Ethan Eng official trailer and release date
Therapy Dogs directed by Ethan Eng

Directed by Ethan Eng, Therapy Dogs is a vérité documentary chronicle of the last year of high school as two friends set out to make a senior video.

The film is executive produced by Matthew Miller and Matt Johnson, who took Slamdance by storm in 2013 with their debut feature The Dirties, and Sundance in 2016 with Operation Avalanche.

Therapy Dogs opens in theaters starting March 10th, 2023.

Ethan and his best friend Justin are students trying to make sense of their high school existence. In what will be the last chapter of their teenage lives and the beginning of adulthood beyond, they decide to make the ultimate senior video in the search for answers. Exploring teenage suburbia in a no-brakes adventure, questions arise whether there’s more to their lives than simply growing up.

“School sucks. While Justin and I were going through high school we were really confused about our lives, and everywhere we tried to find something relatable was met with nostalgic clichés. That’s why we decided to tell a high school story in the midst of living it. There are certain things that only matter when you’re 17 and we wanted to capture that. This is a movie kids today can relate to. A coming of age story without easy answers.” – Ethan Eng, Writer/Director/Actor

Watch the official trailer for Therapy Dogs.

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