Sirocco and the Kingdom of Air Streams by Benoît Chieux
Sirocco and the Kingdom of Air Streams by Benoît Chieux

Sirocco and the Kingdom of Air Streams by Benoît Chieux will open the 2023 Annecy Festival on Sunday June 11th.

In the film, Juliette (4) and Carmen (8), two intrepid sisters, discover a passage between their world and the extraordinary universe of their favorite book: the kingdom of the winds. Transformed into cats at their arrival, they are imprisoned and separated by the mayor of the village following Juliette’s clumsiness. Juliette is offered as a pet to Selma, a singer with whom the mayor is secretly in love, and Carmen is sentenced to marry his son, a desperately lonely teenager. Thanks to Selma, the two girls will find each other. But how will they manage to come back to their world? Only Sirocco, who Selma once knew, may help them. But is he as terrifying as the villagers think and that the book implied?

Out of around one hundred films entered, the Festival also presented the 23 feature films in the Official and Contrechamp Competitions at the upcoming edition which will be held from 11th to 17th June, 2023.

Festivalgoers will also discover previews of 17 projects in production: 12 feature films, 1 series, 3 VR experiences and 1 short film.


Art College 1994 by Liu Jian
Production: China Academy of Art, Hangzhou Lightriver Culture & Media/China

Four Souls of Coyote by Áron Gauder
Production: Cinemon Entertainment/Hungary

Kensuke’s Kingdom by Neil Boyle and Kirk Hendry
Production: Lupus Films, Melusine Productions/Studio 352, Le Pacte/United Kingdom, Luxembourg, France

La Sirène by Sepideh Farsi
Production: Les Films d’ici, Katuh Studio, Bac Cinema, Lunanime, TrickStudio Lutterbeck/Germany, Belgium, France, Luxembourg

Chicken for Linda! by Chiara Malta and Sébastien Laudenbach
Production: Dolce Vita Films, Miyu Productions, Dorje Film/France, Italy

Lonely Castle in the Mirror by Keiichi Hara
Production: A-1 Pictures/Japan

Mars Express by Jérémie Périn
Production: Everybody on Deck, Je Suis Bien Content/France

Sirocco and the Kingdom of Air Streams by Benoît Chieux
Production: Sacrebleu Productions/Belgium, France

The Inseparables by Jérémie Degruson
Production: nWave Digital, Octopolis, A Contracorriente Films/Belgium, Spain, France

The Inventor by Jim Capobianco and Pierre-Luc Granjon
Production: Curiosity Studio, Leo & King, Foliascope/USA, France, Ireland

The Tunnel to Summer, the Exit of Goodbyes by Tomohisa Taguchi
Production: Clap/Japan


When Adam Changes by Joël Vaudreuil
Production: Parce Que Films/Québec, Canada

Tender Metalheads by Carlos Perez-Reche and Joan Tomas
Production: La Productora de Juanjo Saez/Spain

Johnny & Me – A Journey through Time with John Heartfield by Katrin Rothe
Production: Hanfgarn & Ufer Filmproduktion/Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Komada – A Whisky Family by Masayuki Yoshihara
Production: Story INC., P.A. Works,

The Sacred Cave by Daniel Minlo and Cyrille Masso
Production: Malo Pictures/Cameroun

Robot Dreams by Pablo Berger
Production : Les films du Worso, Arcadia Motion Pictures, Noodles Production/Spain, France

Rosa and the Stone Troll by Karla Nor Holmbäck
Production: Dansk Tegnefilm/Denmark

Saleem by Cynthia Madanat Sharaiha
Production: Digitales/Jordan

Slide by Bill Plympton
Production: Plymptoons Studio/USA

Toldi by Marcell Jankovics and Lajos Csakovics
Production: Kecskemétfilm/Hungary

Tony, Shelly and the Magic Light by Filip Pošivač
Production: Filmfabriq, Nutprodukcia, Nutprodukce/Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia

White Plastic Sky by Tibor Banoczki and Sarolta Szabo
Production: Salto Films, Artichoke/Hungary, Slovakia


Frankelda and the Prince of Spooks (Frankelda y el príncipe de los sustos) by Roy Ambriz and Arturo Ambriz
Production: Cinema Fantasma, Turner Broadcasting & Cartoon Network Latin America/Mexico

Little Amélie or the Character of Rain (Amélie ou la Métaphysique des tubes) by Liane-Cho Han and Maïlys Vallade
Production: Ikki Films, Maybe Movies, 2 Minutes, France 3 Cinéma/France

Into the Wonderwoods (Dans la forêt sombre et mystérieuse) by Vincent Paronnaud (aka Winshluss) and Alexis Ducord
Production: Je Suis Bien Content, Gao Shan Pictures, Le Pacte/France

Slocum by Jean-François Laguionie
Production: JPL Films, Melusine Productions/Studio 352/France, Luxembourg

Aztec Batman: Clash of Empires (Batman azteca: choque de imperios) by Juan Meza-Leon
Production: Warner Bros. Animation, Anima Estudios, Chatrone/Mexico, USA

Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix by Mehdi Leffad
Production: Bobbypills, Ubisoft Film & Television/France, USA

Flow by Gints Zilbalodis
Production: Dream Well Studio, Sacrebleu Productions, Take Five/Latvia, France

Spellbound by Vicky Jenson
Production: Apple Original Films, Skydance Animation/USA

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