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Bug Therapy directed by Jason Reisig
Bug Therapy directed by Jason Reisig

Sterling K. Brown, Meghan Trainor, Jay Leno, Dr. Phil McGraw, Tom Green, Emily Goglia, and Jason Reisig voice characters in Bug Therapy, the award-winning animated film highlighting the importance of therapy and mental health.

Directed by Jason Reisig (Smallfoot) and written/created by Emmy-nominated former Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon writer Michael Jann, and Michele Jourdan, of Citronella Stories, and animated by 88 Pictures.

A special limited release of the film available across online platforms started in North America on May 1st, May Day, an appropriate date as the origin of “Mayday” comes from the French phrase ‘M’aidez’, which means “Help me”, and fits with the main messages of the film. The film can now be seen in France, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Spain, Latin America, Benelux, Scandinavia and German-speaking territories.

Bug Therapy is also set to screen at NAMICon 2023, the National Alliance on Mental Illness Conference which takes place in Minneapolis, MN from May 24-27, 2023 with encore screenings online June 6-8, 2023 during the NAMICon virtual conference, Writer/creators Michael Jann and Michele Jourdan will be screening the film and sharing their personal story at the event.

In Bug Therapy, Citronella (Trainor), a mosquito who faints at the sight of blood, tries to muster the courage to attend group therapy, led by Dr. Pill (Dr. Phil McGraw), to overcome her phobia. She learns that everyone faces mental health struggles – Stick Bug (Brown) battles depression over never feeling seen, Fly (Leno) is OCD and germaphobic and can’t stop washing his hands, Grasshopper (Green) suffers from addiction to coffee, Praying Mantis (Goglia) is narcissistic/delusional and believes she’s God, Dragonfly couple (film writers Michael Jann and Michele Jourdan) are co-dependent, and Spider (Reisig) tries to overcome his phobia of spiders.

Watch an official clip for Bug Therapy.

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