Lucy Liu, The Pirate Queen
Lucy Liu, The Pirate Queen

Actress Lucy Liu will both executive produce and voice the Tribeca Festival-bound immersive experience, The Pirate Queen: the forgotten story of the legendary Cheng Shih, the most successful pirate in history.

The project, which spotlights an untold story of resilience and ascension, comes from critically acclaimed writer-producer-director, Eloise Singer.

“Lucy is a formidable talent, her performance as the voice of the Pirate Queen is truly exceptional.” said director, Eloise Singer. “It was a pleasure working with her to bring the character to life, her ability to convey depth and nuance into the character have added layers of complexity to Cheng Shih’s personality, making the Pirate Queen a truly compelling and memorable character.”

Liu, famous for her roles in Charlie’s Angels, Kill Bill, and more, will undoubtedly deepen Pirate Queen’s action-thriller qualities and amplify AAPI voices and visibility.

“I’m really excited to be working alongside Eloise to bring new life to a forgotten story about Cheng Shih – a fascinating woman, who with incredible resilience and tenacity, became a powerful pirate leader during the Qing Dynasty,” said Lucy Liu. “This project marks the first time I embody a character through immersive storytelling and I’m honored to join forces with Singer Studios to share this historical narrative with a potentially new and expanded audience.”

Orion Lee also joins the cast. Lee garnered awards recognition for his leading performance as King Lu in A24’s ‘First Cow’.

The Pirate Queen is the forgotten story of Cheng Shih – a woman in 19th-century China who became one of the most powerful pirates in history. When the leader of the fleet dies suddenly, a widowed Cheng Shih faces the possibility of losing her status, security and even her life. Players take on the identity of Cheng Shih to complete a series of puzzle-based tasks, and outsmart enemies to become the Pirate Queen. The Pirate Queen game is part of an expansive franchise, currently being developed as a graphic novel, podcast and TV series with Beijing, China’s Seesaw Films (The Farewell).

Watch the teaser trailer for The Pirate Queen

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