Louis C.K., Sorry/Not Sorry official trailer and release date
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Greenwich Entertainment debuted the official trailer for Sorry/Not Sorry, a documentary exploring the sexual misconduct allegations made against comedian, actor Louis C.K., his public downfall and surprising return to the spotlight.

The documentary features interviews with women who spoke up about his sexual misconduct, New York Times journalists who broke the story, and fellow comedians such as Michael Ian Black, Michael Schur, and Aida Rodriguez.

Release Date

Co-directed by Caroline Suh and Cara Mones, with The New York Times as producer, Sorry/Not Sorry world premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and opens in theaters and VOD on July 12th, 2024.


In 2017, the year of #MeToo, the New York Times published an article on celebrated and influential comedian Louis C.K. alleging years of sexual misconduct against numerous female comedians and colleagues, C.K.’s career seemed to nose-dive, his upcoming film was cancelled in the wake of allegations, comedy was seemingly undergoing its own Me-Too movement. Shockingly, within 9 months he was back touring, had TV specials lined up and was awarded a Grammy for best Comedy Album. Directors Caroline Suh and Cara Mones interview the reporters who broke the original story, Melena Ryzik, Cara Buckley, and Jodi Kantor, along with comedians, entertainers, and cultural commentators including and raise questions about sex and power in the workplace, who gets to take the stage, and the role the public plays in these stories at large.


Hollywood Reporter review gave the film a cool reception, writing, “Unfortunately, these women are trapped in a documentary that feels undercooked. Divided into seven narratively ill-defined parts, Sorry/Not Sorry moves like the first draft of an article that has all its sources, but doesn’t quite have a thesis yet. Rather than contemplating the nuances of C.K.’s rise and fall, it is simply an information piece, adding footnotes to the story we already know. We know that he was popular for many years. We know that the rumors were swirling around, perhaps from the beginning. We know that C.K. did what he was accused of because he’s admitted to it. The center of the discourse was not about whether he did it, but rather whether we as a society should care at all.”

Official Trailer

Watch the official trailer for Sorry/Not Sorry.

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