Levi Miller in Before Dawn official trailer and release date
Before Dawn (Well Go USA Entertainment / screenshot)

Well Go USA debuted the official trailer for Before Dawn, the war drama starring Levi Miller as a young man who leaves his family’s sheep farm in the Australian outback, to join his countrymen on the western front of World War I.

Also starring in the movie are Travis Jeffery, Myles Pollard, Tim Franklin, Jordan Dulieu, introducing Peter Sullivan, with Ed Oxenbould and Stephen Peacock

Release Date

Written and directed by Jordon Prince-Wright, Before Dawn opens in theaters and on digital on July 19th, 2024.


Based on real life war diaries, Before Dawn is an epic retelling of ones of Australia’s biggest military victories during WW1. Jim Collins (Levi Miller), a young man from the outback, leaves his family-run sheep station to join the soldiers on the western front with hopes of making a difference. Soon, the realities of the muddy, ruthless, and entirely unforgiving war takes its toll on a guilt-ridden Jim. As the men in the battalion are whittled away and hope becomes a distant memory, a final chance at redemption comes in one of Australia’s greatest battles; Jim must risk death or forever carry the burden of leaving yet another man behind.

Official Trailer

Watch the trailer below Before Dawn.

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