Derrick DeBlasis and Claudia Restrepo in Peak Season official trailer and release date
Derrick DeBlasis and Claudia Restrepo in Peak Season. (Credit: Peak Season (2023))

Entertainment Squad revealed the trailer for ‘Peak Season’, the romantic comedy that premiered last year at 2023 SXSW Film Festival. Stated as a love letter from Jackson Hole from director Steven Kanter & Henry Loevner, ‘Peak Season’ tells the story of a couple struggling with their relationship after a third party enters the picture.

Starring the film are Claudia Restrepo, Derrick Deblasis, Ben Coleman, Fred Melamed, Stephanie Courtney.

Release Date

Directed by Steven Kanter and Henry Loevner, ‘Peak Season’ opens in select US theaters on August 2, 2024.


New York yuppies Amy & Max arrive in the wealthy resort town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming for a summer vacation. Amy wants to enjoy a romantic getaway with her fiancé. But Max neglects Amy to spend the week working, leaving her to wander town alone. Amy finds a friend in Loren, a local wilderness guide who takes her fly fishing. She’s immediately drawn to this magnetic, free-spirited stranger. Both lonely and lost in their own lives, Amy & Loren share an instant connection. When Max is called away on business, Amy & Loren spend the week together exploring the Tetons. As her bond with Loren grows into something more than friendship, Amy questions whether she’ll return to NYC with Max after all.

“As we enter our 30s, we’re seeing our friends settling down, starting families, and committing to their careers. It’s scary to think that as we age, making significant life changes will become more and more challenging. That’s what we wanted to capture with this story, this fear of inertia taking over.”, says directors Steven Kanter & Henry Loevner about the theme of the story.


Karl Delossantos in a Smash Cut review praised the film, giving it a 4/5 rating, writing “On its surface, Peak Season is a light, charming big city girl meets small town boy romantic-comedy that we’ve seen countless times. But as it goes on it surprises you with its surprisingly complex philosophical musings about life, what we want, and what we think want. Where Peak Season ends up is more emotional but life-affirming than you can imagine for a romantic-comedy.”

Emily Bernard in a Collider review also praised the film, writing “At just around 80 minutes, Peak Season manages to craft a heartfelt, authentic, and endearing portrayal of friendship that will not only entertain, but will provoke some thought, too. Loevner and Kanter’s tight script, as well as the performances by the intimate cast, capture the complexities and nuances of relationships as we get older and life gets messier.”

Official Trailer

Watch the official trailer for ‘Peak Season’.

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