Carthage Film Festival

NAME OF FESTIVAL: Carthage Film Festival

SINCE: 1966

WHERE: Tunis Bab Menara Tunisia


Nearly half a century after its creation by the Tunisian Ministry of Culture, the Carthage Film Festival continues its march on the same track set by its founders: Promoting films from Arab and African countries. This biennial cultural event launched in 1966, remains to this day, the oldest film festival in the "South". The Carthage Film Festival has overcome all kind of pitfalls and succeeded over time in being in line with changes in society and the film industry. From the early days of the festival, its activism offered southern countries alternatives to the monopoly of distribution companies and movie operators. It gave them the opportunity to develop and distribute their own images. It evolved, expressed itself and adapted to social, political, aesthetic and technological changes. Gaining in size and stature, the CFF has extended its opening to images from around the world, hosting works and authors from all horizons. Session after session, its programming has been enriched with new sections offering more choices to an ever increasingly demanding public. Personalities from the arts and letters, writers, filmmakers, critics have served as jurors in various official competitions to give away the prestigious Tanit Award, named after the fertility goddess of ancient Carthage.

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