Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles (DTLA)

NAME OF FESTIVAL: Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles

SINCE: 2008

WHERE: Los Angeles, CA, USA


Established in 2008, the festival has screened more 1,000 films, held more 200 events and partnered with more than 75 other profit and nonprofit business in DTLA. Our programming reflects downtown L.A.’s vibrant new urbanism, the unique ethnic and cultural diversity of its neighborhoods, its burgeoning independent film community, its singular blend of late 19th and 20th century architecture, and the seminal role it played in the early days of American cinema (epitomized by the world’s largest group of vintage movie palaces located in the Broadway Theater District). Set against this dramatic backdrop, DFFLA serves as a beacon for movie fans and industry professionals throughout Southern California and beyond

DTLA Film Festival has grown to become the largest single film event in the historic center and the new creative nexus of Los Angeles. The vast majority of films screening at the festival are Los Angeles premieres from filmmakers in the U.S. and around the world.

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Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles (DTLA)