Golden Boll Film Festival

NAME OF FESTIVAL: Golden Boll Film Festival
WHERE: Adana, Turkey
ABOUT THE FESTIVAL: First held in 1969 and taking its name from the traditional crop grown in the region, the Altin Koza (Golden Boll) Film Festival is held in Adana, a city located along Turkey’s Mediterranean coast.

The Adana Altin Koza Film Festival has been reaching new heights each year by continually enriching its program and further widening the door opening onto world cinema. Organized by the Adana Municipality , the film festival has to date included full-length feature films along with nationally produced short films and student films, thus providing considerable support to these efforts.

Beginning from 2008, a decision was made to broaden the scope of the festival to an international dimension within the framework of Mediterranean countries.

The festival is now opening its doors to all Mediterranean country short film directors and film students. The aim of the festival is to present the films shot by young filmmakers living along the Mediterranean coast to film viewers, so that

their creative and artistic efforts can be evaluated and thus provide a dialogue platform among the participants.
In this way Adana will be noted as a city with an artistic identity that brings together young Mediterranean filmmakers who will have unforgettable experiences here.

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