Haifa International Film Festival

NAME OF FESTIVAL: Haifa International Film Festival
SINCE: 1983
WHERE: Haifa, Israel
WEBSITE: www.haifaff.co.il/eng
ABOUT THE FESTIVAL: The Haifa International Film Festival was established in 1983 and became the first of its kind in Israel. This is a major, important and reputable international event in the cinematic field.
The festival attracts some 400,000 visitors, who attend 280 screenings of new films from all over the world, 70 of which are Israeli, from all genres, presented by their creators.
About 300 guests from the national and international industry are hosted by the festival. These festival guests meet the audience and colleagues in talks between screenings, receptions in the festival garden, masterclass workshops and international conventions. The festival makes sure to promote ideas like pluralism, co-existence and peace.

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