Harrisburg-Hershey Film Festival (HHFF)

NAME OF FESTIVAL: Harrisburg-Hershey Film Festival (HHFF)
SINCE: 2015
WHERE: Harrisburg, PA, USA
WEBSITE: www.harrisburghersheyfilmfestival.com/
ABOUT THE FESTIVAL: The Harrisburg-Hershey Film Festival (HHFF) was founded in 2014 by filmmakers who above most, understand the current landscape of independent filmmaking. Over the course of four days, HHFF plans to showcase documentary, short, and feature length films created by local, national and international filmmakers to the Central Pennsylvania community. Harrisburg is a city with a rich history of the arts and various institutions are constantly promoting the arts in the area. The HHFF strives to add to this tradition of promoting arts in the region.

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