Milan International Film Festival

NAME OF FESTIVAL: Milan International Film Festival
SINCE: 2000
WHERE: Milan, Italy
ABOUT THE FESTIVAL: MIFF (from its English acronym Milan International Film Festival) is an annual international cinema exhibition that took place in the seat of Lombardy region, Milan. Conceived with a mission to encourage and support the progress of indie films from around the globe, the festival highlighted the art of moviemaking – the ingenuity and integrity of artistic expression. The International Film Festival of Milan, or MIFF, took its first step in 1999, born from the vision of its founder Andrea Galante, an Independent filmmaker with a Masters Degree from American Film Institute, at that time Editor-In-chief of La Dolce Vita a magazine about Movies and Italian Culture.
The festival was established in the year of 2000 and made its first official appearance in a Press Conference the 23rd of March at AFM (American Film Market) that year.

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