NexT International Film Festival

NAME OF FESTIVAL: NexT International Film Festival
SINCE: 2007
WHERE: Bucharest, Romania
ABOUT THE FESTIVAL: NexT International Film Festival started in 2007 and has become ever since the biggest event dedicated to short and medium films in Romania.
Having a selection of more than 100 short films every year, presented within the two competition sections and numerous special programs, NexT is one of the most eclectic Romanian film festivals, a panorama of the innovative and creative worldwide cinema.
Created in memory of film director Cristian Nemescu and sound designer and composer Andrei Toncu, the festival is organized around two main areas: film directing and sound design.
Additionally, starting 2014, NexT agenda includes two segments designed to support short film projects under development and to encourage the production of new Romanian shorts: The Pitch (in collaboration with ShortsTV) and NexT Short Film Market.
NexT International Film Festival is an event organized by NexT Cultural Society.
NexT Cultural Society is a non-governmental organization founded in 2006 whose mission is to discover and support talented filmmakers at the beginning of their careers and to promote auteur films and cinema as art.

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