Oldenburg International Film Festival

NAME OF FESTIVAL: Oldenburg International Film Festival
SINCE: 1994
WHERE: Oldenburg, Germany
WEBSITE: www.filmfest-oldenburg.de/en/festival/
ABOUT THE FESTIVAL: Since its inception, the Oldenburg International Film Festival has fostered its success as a festival with a strong commitment to innovative and independent filmmaking.
Labelled ‘the German Sundance’ by Variety, Hollywood Reporter, and Screen International, amongst others, Oldenburg has evolved while preserving its intimate atmosphere and founding purpose: to celebrate and support the diverse voices and visions of independent filmmakers, to honour the creativity of the artists upon which the Festival depends, and to create a unique experience and inspiring meeting place for filmmakers, audiences, and media professionals. Additionally, in an effort to raise awareness and build bridges between worlds through the common language of film, Oldenburg is the only film festival in the world that annually screens part of its regular program to incarcerated individuals who share the experience with members of the general public in an actual high-security prison environment.

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